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Conventional Electric Cars

Electric cars are becoming very popular all around the world due to increasing oil prices and the adverse environmental impact of pollution caused by automobiles which use oil. Automobile giants are launching their latest electric models of cars. The Leaf is the first mass produced electric car manufactured by Nissan. Nissan aims to be the worldís largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. Competition in the electric car industry is increasing day by day. Nissanís Leaf is leading General Motorís Plug-in Volt with record sales in the first half of 2011. It is predicted that electric cars will account for 10% of the global industry sales in 2020. The base price of Nissanís Leaf is ?25990 and this is less than the starting price of GMís Plug-in Volt which equates to around ?28545.

Competition for General Motors and Nissan will increase because amongst others Toyota is also entering the arena. Toyota will be selling its Plug-in Prius and electric versions of its RAV4sport-utility and iQ minicar from 2012. Major players like Honda and Mitsubishi have also entered in the industry. Mitsubishi is going to offer an electric i minicar while amongst others, Daimler AG and Ford are also working on new rechargeable models.

Toyota introduced its first mass-produced hybrid electric-gasoline car i-e Toyota Prius in 2003. GoinGreen also launched the G-Wiz electric car in London in 2003. It became the best-selling electric vehicle of the world. Fisker Automotive first introduced a premium luxury electric vehicle, the Fisker Karma. Other automobile companies are also developing electric cars. Various countries of the world are building charging stations to recharge EVs. Citroen is providing affordable hybrid electric vehicles for the mass public. Carbon emission by electric cars is zero. Renault plans to become the first full-line manufacturer of electric cars accessible to the mass public by launching its first electric cars in 2011.


Article cotributed by: Sonia Sadaf

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