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Expanding Electric Car Industry

An electric car is an automobile which has an electric motor rather than an internal combustion engine and it uses electric energy instead of petrol or diesel. Oil prices are surging high due increased demand for oil and it is becoming difficult to meet this rising demand.

Rising concerns to reduce air pollution have increased the acceptability of electric cars. These environmental concerns have renewed the interest in using electric vehicles or EVs. In spite of the fact that a lot of these cars are currently more expensive than their petrol equivalent, a wide range of benefits offered by these cars has attracted people to buy them. None more so than the fact that the cost of charging an electric car with electricity is much less than filling conventional cars with a full tank of petrol.

An electric car can be recharged from a domestic wall socket. Due to an increasing need for power points at public places, electric charging stations are widely installed in Europe, America and China. Some of these electric charging stations charge the vehicles faster and at higher voltages. Consequently, rapid charging stations are more popular.

Electrification of the UKs transportation system is serving to achieve its ambitions of creating jobs and reducing emissions. The network of electric charging stations is increasing day by day with the increasing popularity of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles can also be refueled by swapping batteries.

Among the top five cities of the world, London has taken many initiatives to bring an electric revolution. Some of the initiatives include free parking and exemption from the London congestion charge and road tax.

Many mainstream automobile manufacturers including BMW mini, Mitsubishi, Phoenix motors, General Motors and MB Smart have plans to launch their electric cars. These vehicles have an electric motor and a rechargeable battery to run the car.

The electric car industry is expected to flourish in future. It is estimated that 35% of the cars expected to be made in 2025 will be electric cars.

Increasing number of EVs in UK will reduce the fuel demand of the country by an estimated ?5 billion per annum. America has set a goal of putting 1 million EVs on roads by the year 2015. Reports say that there are around 30 million vehicles on the British roads and currently 3000 of these vehicles are EVs. 9000 charging stations are planned to be installed in UK by the year 2013.

Article cotributed by: Sonia Sadaf

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